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To accelerate the world’s transition to frictionless, trustless and decentralized global trade environment, we bootstrap TOP ecosystem with 3 dApps, part of Tallyx TOP series.

TOP Onboarding (T-OB), TOP Supply Chain (T-SC) and TOP Marketplace (T-MP)

TOP onboarding


TOP onboarding dApp manages the enrollment and service subscription of ecosystem participants.

Tallyx provides a layered approach to client onboarding on a need-basis, by collecting and validating as much information as necessary based on the desired activity.

TOP supplychain


TOP supplychain dApp enables buyers and sellers to better manage their end-to-end trade processes while providing them with many opportunities to automatically raise working capital across various SCF programs. It leads the new standard of interoperable tokenized assets when listing in a digital marketplace.

TOP marketplace


The world is in need of a modern and digital marketplace to connect assets owners with various financiers. Eligible trade assets can be easily traded to address asset owners’ working capital needs. These are some key highlights of the marketplace:

ERC 721 supported tokenization, along with peer to peer wallet exchange. 

Settlement supports both cryptocurrency (includes ERC 20 tokens) and fiat money 

Various financiers can form different funding groups based on their credit appetite for specific trade asset types, plus consideration on regulation & compliance requirements

Trade assets from other 3rd party platforms can be tokenized and classified before placement into the marketplace

Support new digital instrument (such as digital draft) and related value added services to add liquidity to the market

Assets created from T-SC will set the bar for quality, with full transparency on the underlying data, which will be recorded in the permissioned distributed ledger. This information can easily be verified through API or by scanning each token’s unique QR code using a free Tallyx App.

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