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The Global Platform for
Trade and Supply Chain Finance

We aim to simplify global trade transactions for every buyer, seller and financier, by creating a level playing field and delivering value through a decentralized platform.

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TOP Ecosystem

Trade Obligation Protocol (TOP) accelerates the world’s transition to frictionless, trustless and decentralized global trade environment. 

We bootstrap TOP ecosystem with 3 dApps:
TOP onboarding (T-OB
TOP supplychain (T-SC
TOP marketplace (T-MP)

Old World Challenges

Erosion of Trust

80% of SME
Underserved and Unserved

Global Supply Chain Inefficiency

Trade Fraud

New World Opportunities


Network of Networks

TOP Marketplace (T-MP) is the first digital trade asset marketplace with the goal to unlock working capital for global trade. More importantly, we position T-MP as network of networks.

Existing trade platforms can

Leverage T-MP as their digital trade marketplace with minimal integration

Route relevant trade assets to T-MP so that these trade assets can be packaged and showcased through different funding channels (toki floors)

Tallyx creates a win-win-win-win situation for 3rd party trade platforms, their anchor clients and associated trading partners.

#SinglePortal #FulfillmentByTallyx

One Portal
Multiple SCF Options

Tallyx TOP ecosystem is a one stop shop for corporates’ working capital needs as well as for collaboration with their trading partners.

Anchor Clients

Can seamlessly work with multiple funding sources (bank, non-bank financial institution, buyer, securitization) via a single portal


Trading Partners

Trading partners can deal with multiple buyers and 3rd party platforms using a single portal


Global Lien Registry

In order to address the“double spend” issue for trade finance around the world, TOP Marketplace is an open global lien registry. Any financier can inquire about and register any underlying trade assets being financed. For trade assets originating from 3rd parties, T-MP maintains only limited need-to-know information accessed through a hash, representing the underlying trade asset.

#DeepTierFinancing #FinancialInclusion

Branded Toki

Toki is an asset-backed token (ERC 1513) which can be branded/customized for corporates so that their tokens can be better recognized and accepted in the marketplace and, furthermore, be used to integrate with their trading partners.

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