Expand your horizons to fulfill future SCF business requirements in an increasingly digital economy

Serve your Anchor clients better and deeper, while getting access to a much larger pool of financeable Trade Assets. In a global market that has seen only 11% utilization of SCF for large Anchor buyers, the untapped opportunity is huge – an aggregate demand globally of $10Tn.  We reduce barriers to entry through instant digital onboarding with access to KYC and sanctions screening for 250 million corporates globally through our Fintech partners.  This bootstrapped approach also caters for funders to customize the supplier onboarding based on their specific compliance requirements.

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Value Propositions

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Consistently available liquidity

Provide the anchor buyers’ suppliers with cost effective and consistently available liquidity through early payment of their receivables in exchange for a fee or a discount with or without extension of payment terms.  

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Higher Margins

Earn higher margins through deep tier finance where each tier of suppliers is funded at close to better than their opportunity cost of finance. 

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Digital risk distribution

Digital risk distribution enables funders to spin up custom marketplaces for their institutional clients, thereby earning transaction revenue without taking financial risk.

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Competitive Differentiation

Our API driven platform allows a high degree of funder specific customization, and even allows funders to build custom SCF solutions for specific anchors.  Enjoy brandable enhancements to enable both visibility as well as information sharing in your extended supply chain.

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Improve Efficiency

Accelerated digital on-boarding, built-in automation, seamless integration into our token framework provides a dramatically reduced cost of operation. We also support settlement via fiat currency today or crypto in the future (stable-coin like JPCoin, JCoin or Government  backed crypto coming soon to a country near you)

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Finance services

Expand SCF to finance global services, not just goods, which is a greenfield opportunity and supports new as a service business models from healthcare to autonomous vehicles

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