Make your financial supply chain adaptable, enable market growth, improve treasury yield and exercise better control and visibility over your supply chain.

An open platform that provides extended supply chain finance functions, offers brand protection, and improves business continuity.We allow for adaptability in your supply chain to happen, in todays highly volatile economic environment.To achieve adaptability and resilience in your supply chain you will need to address the financial needs of your extended supply chain to ensure that there are no weak links in the chain

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Value Propositions

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Brand protection

    • Apply sustainability goals to your value network through our Programmable Token – Toki
    • Enhance your brand while strengthening collaboration within value network with Brandable Token – Toki
    • Enhance your brand and generate additional revenue without additional risk through deep tier finance leveraging our Digital Draft
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Business continuity

    • Transparency and real time visibility to supply chain finance while reducing total cost of ownership for integration and operations through our Blockchain platform
    • We provide a 360 degree reputation score along with  Dynamic Risk Assessment with our Avatar to better manage supplier’s risk and viability
    • Anchors also extend their supply chain reach with our digital onboarding capabilities
    • We drive automation, data ingestion and insight (with our AI based Yogi Assistant
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Market growth opportunity

    • Our market rooms, with various options for funding, available globally, make it easy for Anchors to rapidly adapt their Financial Supply Chain to changes in the physical chains
    • Our programmable Toki empowers anchor to better collaborate with their trading partners and respond to market changes
    • As suppliers frequently adapt themselves with different buyers, Tallyx’s single window  portal minimizes disruption and encourages adoption
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New Revenue Opportunity

    • Additional revenues can be made when you choose to fund the deep tiered suppliers through our Commercial Approved Payable Draft offering, powered by Supplier offered discount rates resulting in both interest rate and cross border arbitrage
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Consistently Available Liquidity

    • Provide your suppliers with cost effective and consistently available liquidity through early payment of their receivables, in exchange for a fee or a discount with or without extension of payment terms
    • Ensure that suppliers have a go to place for financing when they have an increased need, during peak times 
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